Maintenance-free & worry-free!

WOW Automatic Drip Irrigation is the secret to bold, beautiful blooms. The WOW Planting Team customizes each system to provide water at various times during the day based on your sun exposure. Micro drip emitters are used to saturate soil completely and will not spray or leak on windows or other outdoor elements.

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We use a battery operated digital timer to control a timed, drip system to automatically water your windowboxes and outdoor containers.


WOW’s Automatic Drip Irrigation is energy efficient by controlling water usage with a pre-set timer. We beautify properties and the environment!



During seasonal planting the WOW Planting Team will service and maintain your irrigation system at no extra cost! If the system is faulty in any way, we will replace all plants and flowers damaged by lack of water. There are certain restrictions and conditions not covered under the guarantee such as:

  • Damage to the lines by pruning or cutting

  • Freezing of timers left out in cold weather

  • Accidental faucet shut-off

The guarantee on the system will remain in effect for 1 year during the time period of services provided by WOW Windowboxes. If planting services are not used, WOW Windowboxes will continue to warranty 
the system for 1 year.

Effortless blooms!

Our goal is to provide maintenance-free and worry-free irrigation systems that yield bold, beautiful blooms year-round