What are the planting seasons?

March - mid April

September - mid October

May - mid July

November - mid December

Do you plant existing windowboxes and containers?

Yes, of course! The WOW Planting Team will conduct an onsite inspection to assess the existing containers and growing conditions to recommend arrangements and plantings that are guaranteed to “WOW” your property!

What are your boxes made of?

All WOW containers are constructed of PVC, which is a paintable material that can be fused together to create a permanent bond at the joints, which does not warp, yellow, rot or crack. They are suitable for all weather conditions and are beautiful as they are durable.

Do the windowboxes and planters come in other colors?

All WOW windowboxes and planters are painted and customized based on customer preference. We can precise color match to your exterior palette or help you design a new look. We also offer two tone containers if needed.

How does the irrigation work?

The WOW Automatic Drip Irrigation system connects a timer and a pressure reducer to your faucet with a brass splitter so you can still use your faucet. We then run a quarter inch micro line to each box, concealing the lines within the mortar joints, along down spouts, and along trim boards to flow into the windowboxes and containers. The micro line drip emits and soaks the soil without spraying on windows, doors, or entrances.

Do I need to plant all seasons?

Whatever fits your needs! There are no contracts or requirements to plant with us year-round.

Can I select specific flowers?

We will do our best to accommodate your requests! Generally, we ask for color and style preferences in order to provide the best plants for their sun exposure and growing conditions.

Do I need to be there?

We try to make onsite quotes, installations, and planting as easy as possible for our customers. We can provide most residential and commercial services without the customer present.

How do you attach the boxes?

We drill a secure ¼” inch hole every 12” and attach the boxes directly to the home, building, or exterior wall.

We proudly service and “WOW” Cincinnati TriState and Northern KY residential homes and commercial businesses.

What are your service areas?