Planting & Arrangements

Windowbox Planting And Arrangements

We bring the greenhouse to you! Our gold medal arrangements are perfect for decorating your home or business for every season of the year. The WOW Planting Team considers growing conditions, exterior materials, location and overall style to custom design signature arrangements that are guaranteed to “WOW”!

Seasonal Planting And Arrangements

We use local suppliers which provide high-quality plants and flowers suitable for regional growing conditions within our customer service areas. Only the best plant stock is selected to provide immediate impact and long-lasting blooms.

WOW Bloom Guarantee

WOW Windowboxes guarantees that our Automatic Drip Irrigation system will allow flowers to bloom, grow and flourish. If not we will replace flowers and plants at no charge. It’s that simple.  
Unfortunately we are not responsible for:

  • Animal damage
  • Human damage or vandalism
  • Severe weather damage (i.e. wind, hail, hard rain)

WOW of the Week

Our current WOW of the Week is 3800 Miami Drive.
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