Windowboxes & Planters

Custom Windowboxes And Planters

WOW Windowboxes and Planters are custom built to provide an exact fit for commercial windows or outdoor spaces. All WOW containers are constructed of PVC, which is a durable material that can be fused together to create a permanent bond at the joints, which does not warp, yellow, rot or crack. They are suitable for all weather conditions and are beautiful as they are durable.

Custom Windowboxes

Our prices include custom-design, coloring, fitting, delivery and installation! We measure and fit each window or railing to build the correct size for each space. Choose from several different styles, which are custom designed and painted at no additional charge.

Custom Planters

WOW Planters are perfect for accessorizing your patio, deck, or entryway.  Pricing includes custom-design, coloring, and delivery. All outdoor planters contain risers which aid in drainage and proper air circulation. They can also be fastened to concrete or sidewalk for commercial use.

WOW of the Week

Our current WOW of the Week is 3800 Miami Drive.
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